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Welcome to footnoteGuide

My guide is meant to instruct you in the usage of Footnote™, a virtual museum and social networking website. I have some simple and clear ideas of what I'd like to do with this guide, the foremost being to enable you the user to better understand and use Footnote™ for your personal research, whether that be for genealogical, historical, scholastic, or purely hobby reasons.

The navigation section to my left will take you to the main sections of this guide, and will be present on all pages. It will grow  and change as this Guide itself develops. The search to the right will enable you to search the entire website at Footnote™.

Here are the 5 reasons you will want to bookmark this site, and use it in conjunction with Footnote™:

  1. I will provide a detailed guide for your usage of footnote™... I will show you the strengths of each tool, and the weaknesses, and hopefully provide you some ideas on how to work around those weaknesses.
  2. I will explain the data in layman's terms that Footnote™ possesses. Often their descriptions are vague, dated, and fail to explain the purpose of the data to each different type of researcher.
  3. I will add relevance to the data that Footnote possesses. Why is the data important to us today?
  4. I will present some of the data that Footnote™ has in a different light. Footnote™ is a history site, and as such, for the genealogist's especially, they fail to display the data in a genealogical friendly fashion.
  5. I will add value to your present or future membership at Footnote™, by providing other sources that will assist your research into a specific topic or database at Footnote™.

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